Thursday, 1 September 2011

1994 Glastonbury visits

And the next installment... 1994. Seems like a long time ago now and I look so young in photos of myself. I was in my 30's then
Fri 11 feb 1994, visit 23

"Got up at the crack of dawn (5.30) to go to Glastonbury. There was a 7 O'Clock train from Didcot to Bristol so I was able to get the 9.02 bus. It was a dull overcast day, Glastonbury was very quiet and lots of the shops had sales. I did some shopping then had lunch in Rainbow's End- broccoli crumble. Then did the rest of the shops. I decided not to climb the Tor, but had a nice long wander round the Abbey and spent a while in the Chalice Well gardens. Phillipa Bowers shop has now become a cafe selling her sculptures so I had tea and banana crumble there, it was the first day of trading. Got the 4.20 bus and was home exhausted at 8. Had a bath and flopped!"

I bought mainly cards and also a book of the art of one of my favourite artists, J W Waterhouse. Cafe Galatea is still there.
The White Spring 1994
New waterfall at the White Spring

A young Jackie in Pandora
Me in Pandora, I look so young!

Sat 7 May 94, visit 24 "Woke at 5.30am. Went to Glastonbury. Went by my usual Sat route, down via Bath and back via Bristol. Got down there about 10.50. Did the shops first and had pasta bake and coleslaw for lunch in Rainbow's End. It dried out in Glastonbury so I went up the Tor pm and had a nice long time up there, reading "Mists of Avalon". Then I went to the Chalice Well gardens where there were lots of blue flowers. Had a cup of tea at the White Spring, It was quiet there today, but I do love the Tor. Got home about 8. " It was wet when I set off from Oxford but dried out while I was down there. 
Glastonbury Experience
The shop at the back of the Glastonbury experience which is still there and even more beautifully decorated now.

The Chalice Well
An array of colours at the Chalice Well

me on the Tor
Me on the Tor
Well dressing at the White Spring
Well dressing at the White Spring

Mon 29th Aug 1994, visit 25 I was on an Earth Magic holiday based in Lyme Regis and a trip to Glastonbury was included. "Went to Glastonbury today. Left the house at 9.30 and stopped at Street for tea. Got to Glastonbury about 11.30. We spent ages dowsing at the Abbey, then I showed Maureen round the shops. I bought 2 skirts, 2 posters by Cheryl Yambrach Rose, a green man plaque and 3 cards,- modest! We met the rest of the group at 2.30 and went up the Tor but it was too windy to do much dowsing. So we spent the rest of the time at the Chalice Well". It turned out that I knew more about Glastonbury than the holiday leaders so I ended up as sort of unofficial guide! The White Spring
White Spring

Chalice Well
Me at the Chalice well

Sat 5th Nov 1994, visit 26 "Woke at 4am! Got up at 5.30 to go to Glastonbury. I was at the bus stop at 6.10. Got to Bath about 8.40 and was in G at 10.50. Went shopping first. This visit(no. 26) was 6 years ago by day and date since my first visit ever. I was constantly thinking back to that first visit. There were fewer New Age shops then. Had vegetable bake for lunch in Rainbow's End, then finished shopping. Climbed the Tor pm and spent a while visualising there. Had a cup of tea at the White Well. Then spent quite a long time in the Chalice Well gardens. Also climbed Wearyall Hill and spent ages chatting to a lady from Shepton Mallet. Came home via Bath instead of Bristol. Got home about 8.20, had a bath, unpacked and watched next doors fireworks. Wonder where I will be in 6 years? There was a Mind, Body and Spirit festival in the Assembly rooms. (In 6 years, in 2000 my dad had died and I owned what was originally the family house and I was had been working where I still am for 4 years already!) I bought a unicorn calendar, patchwork trousers, cards of course and a tape. Autumnal Tor

Autumn view of the Tor, I took a photo of the same view in 1988.
The Glastonbury Experience
Goddess and The Green Man and Starchild in the Glastonbury Experience


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  2. Just found this blog. So interesting. Nearly 20 years ago.
    I love Glastonbury and try to get up there as often as I can. Just love the vibe.