Thursday, 8 September 2011

1996 Glastonbury visit

Just one visit this year. For about 10 years I only seemed to go down once a year, but from the mid noughties onwards the multiple visits returned

Thur 7th Mar 1996, visit 29

"Got up at 5.30 and left here at 6 to go to Glastonbury. I went via Bath and Wells and got to G about 10.50. It was lovely and sunny when I arrived but it clouded over and got colder. I did some shopping first- only a few minor changes to the shops, then climbed the Tor to eat my sandwiches and meditate. It was very cold and blowy. Then I went to have a look at the mysterious old barn in Bulwark's Lane, and visited the White Spring, then sat in the Chalice Well gardens for a while and also meditated. Had a cup of tea in Rainbow's End before departing. Got home about 8.15".

It was nearly a year since my last visit. I bought cards, candles, a book of the art of Courtney Davis and a Chalice Well pendant.

Glastonbury Tor
It was quiet on the Tor!
Bulwarks Lane, GlastonburyThe barn in Bulwark's Lane
The Chalice Well
The lid of the Chalice Well didn't have the Vesica on the back originally, the new one does.
Tor across the park
View of the Tor across the park

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