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1995 Glastonbury visits

1995 Glastonbury visits
Sat 7th Jan 1995, visit 27
Woke at 5. Got up at half past and went to Glastonbury- visit 27. I felt totally relaxed travelling down there. It was frosty first thing. Came home on 3.20 bus instead of 4.20 due to time of year. Did loads of shopping. Got the novel about Glastonbury I had been looking for. Had lunch in Rainbow's End- homity pie which was delicious. Spent 45 minutes in Pandora chatting to James, he was very helpful with some guidance and visualisation. He said I should be surrounded by water- perhaps I should be going to Scilly! I left the Tor pictures I had made there. Went to the Chalice Well gardens before heading home. Met a really nice Brazilian lady on the way home, she said she was drawn to me because the colours I was wearing (mainly mauve and blue) were healing colours. My energies were being discussed in Pendragon too. Got home about 7.15."

The book was Glastonbury by Donna Fletcher Crowe, a novel about Glastonbury from a Christian viewpoint. I made some little felt Tor pictures which Pandora offered to sell for me. As well as the book I bought one about Glastonbury town by Robert Dunning, a little chest with several drawers covered with moons and stars which I keep jewellery in, cards of course, and some wool in a colour combination called Lilac. This was my first ever January visit.
Abbey Barn, Glastonbury
The Abbey barn with the Tor behind

Chalice Well Gardens
Wintery Chalice well gardens

Sat 11/Sun 12/Mon 13 Mar 1995, visit 28 I went down for a two night visit and stayed at Waterfall Cottage on Old Wells Road which was gorgeous. Sat 11 Mar Woke about 6.20 and got up at 7. Went to Glastonbury. I left here in sun but by the time I got to Bath it was raining.Arrived at G about 12.50 and went straight to Waterfall Cottage. Very nice, Had a cup of tea there then went to Rainbow's End and had pizza and salad for dinner. Due to the weather I decided to spend pm shopping. I didn't buy much except birthday presents for a friend. Spent ages chatting to Susan in Pandora. They haven't sold my pictures yet but they look very pretty. Pottered around in eve reading and letter writing and flopped into bed exhuasted at 9." Sun 12 Mar "Woke about 6.30 to a lovely clear sunny day so I did lots of walking. In the morning I walked over Wearyall Hill, along Mill Stream and the River Brue to Old Butleigh Road and back into town. Met a man planting trees who gave me a conservation society leaflet. Had lunch in Rainbow's End, pizza and salad again, then left my stuff at the guest house. Then I set off walking again. I walked down Wick Hollow and Paradise Lane and along a lane towards Gog and Magog- lovely views of the Mendips. It got muddy though so I retraced my steps and went a little way down Stonedown. Then I climbed the Tor and sat there in the sun. I had an hour peacefully sitting in the Chalice Well Gardens. I saw the moon over the Tor. Then I had a cup of tea at the White Spring and walked back to the guest house via magical Bulwarks lane with little orchards and an old Gothic barn. Then went back up the Tor and watched the sun set with several other hippies! Someone was playing a guitar and singing REM songs, it was lovely. Got back to the GH about 6.45, had a bath and then read." Mon 13 Mar "Woke about 7 and got up at 8. went into town to buy a couple of things. Then went back to get my stuff. I got a lift into town with the owners which was very kind of them. Had a cup of tea in Rainbow's End and a chat in Pandora. Got the 11.20 bus, 1.25 train and was home at 3.30". I bought mainly cards, plus a glittery sun and glittery moon wall decoration which are still on my walls. I didn't take many photos. A mere 22! All photos taken on Sunday 12th
Mendip view
View of the Mendips from Waterfall Cottage.
Wearyall Hill

Wearyall Hill
Walk along the River Brue
River Brue and the Tor
Sunny day Tor
Blue skies over the Tor
Dusky Tor
Dusky Tor
Sunset from the TorSunset and doorway to the tower on the Tor
This is the only time I have stayed in Glastonbury for more than one night, something which I need to do more often. Really immerse myself in the Avalonian landscape

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