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1993 Glastonbury visits

Time for the next installment in my diary of my Glastonbury visits. 1993. Four visits but two of them were overnight stops.
Sat 10th Apr 1993, visit 19

"Went to Glastonbury with Charlotte. We went via Avebury where we had 1 1/2 hours pottering round and visiting the Henge Shop, and having tea in Stones. We left there at 10.45 and got to G about 12.05. Climbed the Tor first and then went to the Chalice Well and White Spring. The new waterfall at the Chalice Well looks very nice and I think the Tor footpath will be completed. We then had lunch in Rainbow's End (Pizza and salad) and then shopped for the rest of the afternoon. I bought lots of cards and a few bits including  a new sculpture by Phillipa, "Delphine". We finished up with tea at the Abbey Tea Rooms. Left just after 6. We had a half hour stop at dusk in Avebury for a drink and wander. Got home about 9".

When I first started going to Glastonbury there wasn't a paved path all the way up the Tor like there is now and it was obviously still being worked on when we went this time. 
Me at the well
Chalice Well

The new flowform waterfall by the Vesica pool in the Chalice Well gardens, completed.
Phillipa Bowers sculpturesDisplay of Phillipa Bowers sculptures in The Goddess and the Green Man.

Sat/Sun 10/11 Jul 1993, visit 20 Charlotte and I went down to Somerset for the weekend and stayed at the Unicorn Light Centre. Sat 10th Jul 1993
Went to Somerset with Charlotte. We left about 8.40 and went via Avebury where we stopped for tea in Stones and to visit The Henge Shop. We got to Glastonbury about 12 and left our things at the Unicorn, and went to Wells. We went round the market and had lunch in Whole Earth, had sweet and sour veg. then we visited the cathedral and a craft fair and paused at a pub. Then we went to Wookey Hole caves which were better even than I remembered. The man who took us round was really amusing. We had tea and cakes then drove to South Cadbury Castle and walked all round the bank. We had a pub meal before heading back to Glastonbury to climb the Tor and watch the sun set. We had a walk round looking for a cafe but they had all closed so we spent the rest of the evening at the guest house.

Sun 11th Jul

Woke just before 8. we had a stroll to Wearyall Hill before breakfast. Spent the morning in Glastonbury. We visited the Chalice Well gardens and did some shopping, I bought more than I had intended. We then went on to Cheddar which was very busy but well worth visiting. Had baked potato for lunch, then went in Gough's cave which was beautiful. We then climbed Jacob's Ladder and walked along the gorge, the Tor was visible. Then visited Cox's cave, We left about 5 and stopped at Stanton Drew but the stone circles were closed. Came home via Bath and got home at 8.

I bought a blue and turquoise patchwork dress in Margaret Kimber and I still have it, it is one of my favourite garments ever.
Sunset on the Tor, July 1993
Sunset from the Tor

Wearyall Hill, July 1993
Wearyall Hill on Sunday morning.

Chalice Well July 1993
The Vesica pond and new waterfall.

1993 Jackie at a cafe
Me 1993! My hair is just about that long again now. I had it cut in 1995 but have been growing it again since January 2005.

Sat/Sun 31st Jul/1st Aug 2003, visit 21
The only time I have ever camped in Glastonbury
Sat 31st Jul
"Alarm went off at 5.30- but it was to go to Glastonbury. My taxi was late but I got all my connections so I was down there at 10.50. Had a cup of tea then sat on Abbey car park wall to wait for L and D- they arrived at 11.40. We went shopping first- bought loads. We got sandwiches for lunch and ate them in the Abbey ruins and had a long wander there. Then went to the campsite at Ashwell Farm. It was lovely, lots of alternative types and right under the tor. Put my tent up then climbed the Tor (it took 15 minutes from the campsite). Then went down to the White Spring and back over the Tor- took just over an hour. Pottered around on campsite in eve. There were lots of people on the Tor even when it got dark. The moon was out too.

Sun 1st Aug

Woke about 5.30 and opened the outer flap of my tent so I could see the Tor. It was a bit misty and there were people up there. Kept an eye on it and dozed until 8.20. Went up there with L before breakfast. Took my tent down after breakfast and we went to the Chalice Well and spent half an hour there. Also had another quick wander round the shops. My bus to Bath was a bit late. Had a quick trip to Arcania* whilst in Bath. Had to get on a coach from Swindon to Didcot due to engineering. Got home about 5.15".

* Arcania is a new age shop in Bath which is still there.

The tor was really mystical early in the morning, there was a mist just over one end of it. So what did I buy.. cards as usual, unicorn t-shirt, tapes, and a book of Celtic iron on transfers.

Glastonbury White spring, July 1993
Cave in the White Spring wellhouse.
Glastonbury Tor
Mist forming at the end of the tor, 5amish Sunday morning.

Me on the campsiteMe on the campsite.

Sat 6th Nov 1993, visit 22 "Alarm went at 5.30. Taxi arrived at 6.30 but it was to go to Glastonbury! Went down via Bath and Wells so was there about 10.50. I shopped first with a pause in Rainbow's End for lunch- tomato and courgette bake with couscous. Finished the shops at 1.30 and spent pm in my favourite places. I climbed the Tor and stayed up there quite a while despite it being windy. There was someone singing up there and the views were misty and autumnal. Then I had a cup of tea at the White Spring. Then visited the Chalice Well gardens which were lovely and peaceful, in autumn colours. I popped back to Margaret Kimber to buy a skirt, then had time for a quick wander round the Abbey ruins. I went back via Bristol which I haven't done since Oct 92! Got home about 8, shattered!". My first ever visit to Glastonbury was in November so I always like going back then, autumn is my favourite season. For a while in the early 90's, I used to go down via Bath and Wells and back via Bristol as the buses and trains connected better that way. Now there is a bus every half hour from Bristol so I always go down that way. View from the Tor
Autumnal view from the start of the path up the Tor.

Chalice Well
Autumnal Chalice Well gardens

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