Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Friday 4th August 2017, visit 92!!

I went down to Glastonbury for the day to go to the craft market and art exibitions on in conjunction with the Goddess conference. My friend Ann came as far as Wells on the bus with me, then she came on to Glastonbury later to meet me for lunch at the Abbey tea rooms. I had a lovely time wandering round and meeting some of the artists and crafts people, including Mandie Arienwen and Laura Daligan who I knew online but hadn't met before. I bought lots of art cards and prints, and books and also a new sculpture by my friend Philippa Bowers, a gorgeous black Moon Goddess with a silver moon in her belly.

Let the photos speak :)

With Mandie

Ember Vincent

Wendy Andrew's lovely exhibition

Me with Wendy

Art exhibition in the Assembly Rooms

With lovely Laura Daligan


I met Cheryl Yambrach Rose, I love her art and oracle decks

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Saturday 13th May 2017, visit 91

Well what a strange day this turned out to be, and what a strange vibe there seems to be in Glastonbury in early 2017. Others have felt that too.

I was booked for an overnight stay at the Well. Where I absolutely love staying, and being able to spend a long time in the gardens.

My friend Ann met me on the bus, and we went down and had a wander round the shops and had some lunch in the lovely Abbey Tea Rooms. But all the while I felt very anxious, as if something wasn't right.

After lunch we went up to the well and I suddenly realised.. I didn't want to stay overnight, I wanted to go home and be in my own home. I suffer anxiety and it took me ages to work out what the issue was... that I just wanted to be back in my own home with my cat. Ann understood. We had a lovely wander round the gardens, which were so colourful. And then I went into the office to explain. Ther response was... thank you. I knew they would understand anyway. But it turned out there was a problem with the room I was supposed to have, and the only other one free was the front room in Chalice well Lodge and they were worried about asking me to stay there as it overlooks the main road so can be noisy. So they very kindly transferred my booking to September. So we did a little bit more shopping then came home.

What I was worried about was that something was going to happen to stop me from getting home on the Sunday. Two weeks later I went on a ghost night at Oxford Castle. Now some might understand what happened and some will say-- utter tosh. But during one of the sessions the medium got the sense that someones Guardian spirit/angel was present. It turned out to be mine. So by means of lights, I asked some questions, and the response was, yes, something would have happened on the way home. So I am always going to trust my instinct.

Two months on the old longing for Avalon is back, and I hope to go down for the day as well as going for a stay in the autumn.

I didn't take that many photos but here are some of the lovely gardens.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Tuesday 14th/Wednesday 15th March 1027, visit 90!

Maybe I will stop counting when I get to my 100th visit.

I went down for an overnight stay at the Well, with a friend I had known for about 4 years. But it is well known that Glastonbury has a way of revealing truths to you, sometimes ones you would rather not face. For the second time it became apparent that I was in a friendship which wasn't right, but for different reasons. I am not going to say too much, it isn't fair on the other person. But I was given a few bits of critisism on the bus going down, we didn't spend much time together, and once we went our separate ways on Wednesday morning I felt as if a weight had been lifted.

It tended to be grey and overcast but I don't mind that. The Isle of Avalon is beautiful no matter what the weather. We had some lunch and got some food for later, and did a little bit of shopping, then checked in at Little St Michaels. Then we both had a couple of wanders round the gardens.. but on our own, not together. The daffodils were out, my favourite flower. I managed to take a fair few photos!

Then we walked up the Tor. We went along Wellhouse Lane to the path at the Stonedown end and discovered Avalon Orchard, a lovely spot with fabulous views, even on a murky misty evening. By the time we got to the top of the Tor it was raining and it felt wild and primordial somehow. There were a couple up there walking 4 gorgeous husky/malamute type dogs, which remind me of wolves so I love to see them. Afterwards we headed into town and had a bite to eat.

Next morning walks were taken round the gardens, but on our own. I had actually gone out into the gardens in the middle of the night feeling very hurt and betrayed, as the friend chose to not even stay in our room overnight. I sat by the waterfall and had a little cry. So I made the decision to suggest we go our separate ways, and we did. I went into town, had some breakfast, then did some more shopping before coming home. I also booked myself another stay, on my own, because I need it. People underestimate me, because I have a gentle nature they mistake that for weakness, but I did say how I felt and how upset I was in an email when I got back.