Saturday, 24 September 2011

October 1999, visit 31

Sat 2nd Oct 1999, visit 31

"Got up at 5.20! To go to Glastonbury, my first visit since Mar 97. It was raining really hard when I left here. Went down via Bath and Wells. Got to G. about 11. Had a look round the shops first, there were several new ones. Had lunch in Rainbow's End, then went to the Tor. It was warm in the sun and out of the wind. Had about an hour in the Chalice Well gardens. Had another wander round the shops. Came home via Bristol. Got home about 8, exhausted and went to bed early".

I don't know why there was so long between visits- 2.5 years! 1998 was a bad year for me though, for personal reasons so I guess I had other things on my mind. There were a few new shops and most of the old ones still there. I bought a couple of copies of Avalon magazine, cards of course, new guides to the Abbey and Chalice Well, and a small blue sculpture by Phillipa Bowers, "Mother" which has a small gold baby figure embedded. I got chatting to a man in Rainbow's End who told me I am an old soul. I have been around a while.

Glastonbury, October 1999
Guess where!

Glastonbury, October 1999
The White Spring
Glastonbury, October 1999
The Chalice Well, it looks as if work was in progress on the lid (which now as the Vesica on both sides)
Glastonbury, October 1999The Glastonbury Experience courtyard.


  1. This is such a wonderful document of the history of Glastonbury! I love that you still take photos so many years later. It's nice to see the progress of time in photograhs xxx

  2. It looks wonderful! I hope to visit Glastonbury one day :)