Wednesday, 14 September 2011

1997 Glastonbury visit, no. 30

Glastonbury visit 1997- Friday 28th March, visit 30

"Woke early! Got up at 8.30. Went to Glastonbury for the day with Dave (workmate). We got there about 12.15 and had lunch and a restrained look round some of the shops. I bought a book , The Isle of Avalon, Avalon magazine and a unicorn. We went round the Abbey ruins, then to the Chalice Well and climbed the Tor(v. windy!). Finished with tea at the White Well. We stopped in Avebury for a drink on the way home, and the comet (Halle-Bopp) looks amazing away from the light. Got home about 9.30, had a bath and flopped."
The tor from the Chalice Well
The Tor from the Chalice Well gardens
Chalice Well gardens
The lower gardens at the Chalice Well.
Glastonbury Tor
The tower on the Tor
Glastonbury Tor
This view is an iconic one, I wonder how many photos of the same view I have taken over the years

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