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23rd May 2009,visit 60!!!!!

The first entry not copied over from my website! Virgin territory now folks.

[info]So we had a lovely day yesterday, once we got to Glastonbury that is. Bex got to Bristol OK. My train was packed though and running late just because of the sheer numbers of people who were getting on it. It was chaos and some bright spark had decided to move some of the seat reservations around so a family who had reserved seats all together found other people sat in their seats. Sadly when the guard came round he didn't try and sort it out. The me me me of some members of the human race never ceases to appall me. Some people really do have an "I'm all right Jack, stuff you" attitude. Am I rare in being the sort of person who would never dream of doing something like that? We were only 15 minutes late at Bristol in the end. The train was going on down to Penzance and a train from Didcot and Swindon straight to Penzance is rare, they usually branch off at Reading.

Then came the fun of getting on the bus. Bex got on OK at the bus station but it was then touch and go whether I would get on at Temple Meads, as there were loads of people waiting. In the end I did, and it turned out the bus before had been involved in an accident. They let a couple more people on at the next stop then had to keep telling people the bus was full. So I stood all the way to Wells which actually was OK, it was very hot on the bus but I was by an open window and by a pole so I had something to hang onto. The bus emptied out in Wells and I was actually able to go and say hello to Bex properly!

We started off with coffee in Heapheys which is one of my regular things to do. Then we had an amble round the shops. Summer of Love has closed but there is now a music shop there selling drums and shamanic bits and pieces which is really nice. I was on a tight budget so purchases were modest.. latest copies of "Avalon" and "Fae" magazing, a little pouch with hares on it to keep my camera in, and a gorgeous hare cuddly toy scented with camomile and lavender from Liz's shop. I will have to take photos. We had lunch in Rainbow's End, I had a piece of yummy cheesy quiche and salad and elderflower presse.

Then we headed for the Tor, with a stop at the lovely little St. Margaret's Chapel which isn't often open these days. The Tor was covered in buttercups! I have never seen so many! We took it easy climbing up as it was quite warm, and the views were amazing, Quantock Hills and beyond, and you could see the coast of Wales, it isn't that often I have seen that. There were lots of people up there. We spent a fair bit of time there, it feels like being on top of the world. Then we went and had a look in the White Spring wellhouse. They have stripped out the inside so it looks like a reservoir chamber again, I do hope they might do more with it. The Chalice Well Gardens were gorgeous, so many bright colours and things in bloom. I do love it there. I made one more purchase, a really nice candle and the new toilet block is open except there didn't seem to be any water from the taps in the basins! 

Journey home was much smoother. We left a bit earlier than we needed to as with there being a bus missing we didn't want to wait for the best bus then find it didn't arrive. I had time to get a coffee when I got to Temple Meads and the train was much quieter. A group of really laddish youths got on at Swindon though and they were dire. Loud, uncouth, (belching etc), just obnoxious to decent citizens- and they probably thought they were so cool. Thankfully I managed to stay out of their way! There were plenty of other people about anyway. 

I think of this visit as the buttercup visit as the tor was covered with them

Bex took this for me and I love this photo

Glastonbury window

Glastonbury shops

Glastonbury Experience courtyard

St. Margaret's Chapel

Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor

white spring, Glastonbury

white spring, Glastonbury

Chalice Well, Glastonbury

Chalice Well, Glastonbury

Chalice Well, Glastonbury

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Glastonbury visit, Sat 21st Feb 2009, visit 59

This is the last entry crossposted from my soon to be defunct web site, getting thee. The next few till I have recorded all my visits will be new posts :) In 2009 I had four more visits. I do hope to get these all caught up with before the new year as I have a new 366 project (leap year!) up my sleeve
Sat 21st Feb 2009, visit 59

My journey went very well till I got to Bristol. I left home about 5.45, was at the station about 6.20, was in Reading in time for the 7.11 train to Temple Meads, and in Bristol in time for the 9.00 bus. I got to the bus stop in good time. On the way down, a man walking next to me asked me if I knew where the bus to Glastonbury went from and I said "Funnily enough that is where I am going" and he said "I thought you looked as if you might be". I did have one of my pairs of patchwork trousers on.... ;) We chatted at the bus stop and he was going to a meditation workshop.

Well, the 9 O'Clock bus didn't arrive. I think it had gone early as I think I saw it go past on the way down to the bus stop. The 9.30 bus did arrive on time. There was a slight diversion over the Mendips due to road repairs, and I had to change in Wells but I was still in Glastonbury by 11. It was misty at the foot of the Mendips so I didn't get my usual first Tor view.

I decided to go straight to the Chalice Well, so I got off the bus at the top of High Street. The well was lovely as always. This time last year the daffs were out, but they are bit later this year due to the cold weather. So there were loads of snowdrops and crocuses instead, I don't think I have been to the gardens when they have been out before. I did my usual, had a long wander with a stop in various places so feel the first warmth of the sun on my face, and listen to the birdsong. There were people doing that all over the gardens. lots of photos taken. There have been some works done round the wellhead because there was some seepage there, and they uncovered some old paving slabs so those have been left on display.

Then I decided to go to Wearyall Hill, where the Holy Thorn is, I don't often go up there. It only took about 15 minutes walk from the well. I ate my sandwiches up there, and took lots of photos. Lovely views of the Tor and there was some flooding on the levels.

Then I went into town to do some shopping. I popped in to see my friend Liz in her shop. I decided not to stop for lunch as I was on a tight schedule but I did have a cup of coffee and cake in Heaphey's. I did a little bit of shopping but was very restrained. As usual I saw lots of things I really liked but I am having to be restrained about ornaments now as they have taken over the house!! While I was in town I bumped into the man I saw at the bus stop, he decided to get a taxi to Wells and he just about got down in time for his course.

I also spent a few minutes in the Goddess Temple and would have loved to have had longer there. It had such an uplifting atmosphere. While I was sat in there I had a vision of a painting of the Tor so I hastily got pen and paper out and sketched it. Whether I can paint it as I saw it I don't know but I am going to try.

Last stop was to the Abbey. I love to have time to have a wander all round the grounds to the nature reserve area, and to the duck pond and fish pond. The sun was starting to set by this time so there were lots of long shadows. I had a lovely wander, took lots more photos, and a couple of videos. 

Then once more it was time to come home. I got the 3.50 bus, and as we neared Wells there was once again some mist. So Avalon really did disappear into the mists, though I did get a glimpse of the Tor as a sort of shadow going up the hill out of Wells.

Now there is one annoying part. Going down I had to go via Reading because of a replacement bus service between Didcot and Swindon. Which cost me £26.00 more than going via Didcot. Well coming home... trains were stopping at Didcot! So the engineering work must be stopping in the morning! So I changed at good old Didcot coming home.

My purchases I hear you cry!! The new book which has just come out about the history of the well. J Corsentino's "Time of the Faeries" book reduced to £10.00. 3 pamphlets at the Abbey, one about natural remedies, one of Abbey recipes, and one about the Abbot's Kitchen. Plus a woodland faery figure. What I actually wanted was a rather lovely woodland faery picture frame. But the whole range was buy one, get one free. So I bought the little faery and got the frame free :) 

The paving slabs exposed during repair work round the well.

I love The Sanctuary

Work in progress on the new loos!

Holy Thorn and Wearyall Hill

Tor from Wearyall Hill

Sea of crocuses at the Abbey