Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'm back, and some photoshopped and picniked piccies

Had a very busy two weeks as my friends Marta and Dana were over from Switzerland and stayed with me for some of the time. We had a lovely time with lots of outingd, which of course included an Avalonian sojourn staying at Little St. Michaels. I do love staying there and being able to go out into the gardens at any time. We sat on one of the swing seats after dark waiting for a very heavy shower to pass two Mondays ago and it was magical.

Visits posts to resume soon but in the meantime have some prettyfullness, some photos altered with Photoshop, Picnik and GIMP. I was so happy when a Mac version of GIMP became available :))

That Funny Hill
Lots of tors

Lions Head at the Chalice Well
The lions head at the Chalice Well

Lower Gardens collage

Vesica Pond collage
Chalice Well gardens collages

Raining Tors
Raining towers!

purple tor

And Picnik has some cool space textures at the moment

Fun with Picnik

Fun with Picnik

Fun with Picnik

Fun with Picnik

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