Monday, 1 August 2011

1989, visits 2 and 3 to Glastonbury

Monday 7th August 1989. Visit 2

I was staying with Linda again. 

"We went to magical Glastonbury. I bought loads of things.  We had lunch in the Rainbow's End cafe, baked potatoes and salad and strawberry and choc tart. We went to the Abbey and then the tor- I went up but Linda didn't, and to the chalice well. I love the atmosphere there"

I did buy a lot- cards, books, more Colinette wool in Florentine (deep cerise with lots of colours), a hair clip with lots of dangly bits which I still have, and earrings. 
It was very hot, and I remember when I climbed the Tor, there was a lady up there sat reading "Mists of Avalon" by Marion Bradley, which I had read once. I re-read it again soon after, and it is now my favourite book of all time which has been read many a time.

Hot August day on the Tor

Saturday 4th Nov 1989. Visit 3

Staying with Linda again. 

"We went to Glastonbury this morning, my favourite place. We stopped at Street first to do some ordinary shopping, and got to Glastonbury about 10 O'Clock. We went round the shops first, spent about an hour in Gothic Image! We had lunch in Rainbow's End as usual, had baked potatoes and salad and carrot cake. After lunch we finished the shops (I spent £120.00!!). Then I went up the Tor while Linda stayed in the car. I saw a rainbow against the Tor- took a photo which I hope comes out."

So what did I spent £120.00 on... lots of books, badges, cards, bath oil, a vinyl shopping bag, a wooden box with a unicorn on the lid, more Colinette wool in colour schemes Evergreen (shades of green and brown) and Turquoise (turquoise with lots of colours) and my first ever tape of New Age music. I still have all the books, and the box and the sweaters I knitted!

Still one of my favourite photos even though it was taken with a Kodak Instamatic camera. Rainbow and Tor. Linda stayed in the car and I went up the Tor alone, and I spotted the rainbow. I had to deviate off along one of the terraces to take the photo and it was a real wow moment.
Glastonbury triggered something in me, which had been there dormant but which I didn't have a name for. It started me off on an "earth mysteries" quest which led to my Pagan awakening around 1989 time. I remeber buying a stack of books on these two visits.

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  1. It must have been like stepping over a porch to... home :)