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1990 Glastonbury visits, visits 4,5,6

Glastonbury Visits 1990

Thursday 22nd March 1990, visit 4

I was staying with Linda in Somerton again.

"Linda met me at Taunton and we went to Glastonbury. We got there about 12.30. We went up the High Street first to find a shop called Very Strange but it had closed down. We had toasted sandwiches in "Excalibur" cafe, and then went round the shops. Linda got some "Phoenix" Colinette wool. As well as what I bought I saw some beautiful unicorns I couldn't afford. We went for a nice long walk, over Chalice Hill, out into the country then back along little lanes to the Tor which I love. We also went in the Chalice Well Gardens"

The courtyard 1990.

The original fountain by the vesica pond in the gardens.
Sat 21st July 1990, visit 5
I think I was just a bit excited about going to Glastonbury. I was staying with Linda in Somerton again.

"Today was Glastonbury day! We got there just before 10. We did the shops first and I spent far too much as usual. It was REALLY hot today. We were going to have lunch on the Tor but we went to the Chalice Well gardens instead as it was cool there." 

On this visit we also went to Wookey Hole where the sculptor Phillipa Bowers had a workshop at the time.

Me by the well, it was very hot that day!

Fri 9th/Sat 10th Nov 1990, visit 5
This was the first time I went and stayed in Glastonbury overnight. I went with a friend, Pauline and we stayed at Tor Down guest house.It was also the first time I went down by public transport, train to Bristol and then a bus which is still the way I go most times I visit.

Friday 9th Nov

"Had to get up very early as I went to Glastonbury with Pauline. We went by train to Bristol and then got a bus & reached Glastonbury about 12.15. It was very overcast. We went to Pandora and had a cup of tea in Rainbow's End, and met Amanda who I used to work with at the Poly. Then we went to the Chalice Well and checked into the hotel, "Tor Down". We walked over the Tor and it was thick mist and very atmospheric. Then we went to see the Holy Thorn on Wearyall Hill. We went round the arcade and had tea in Rainbow's End then went shopping. We then had an hour to kill until Knight's Fish Bar opened. We had fish and chips there. Then went back to the hotel. I was shattered and my ear hurt quite a lot, slept well though.
(I had an ear infection)
Saturday 10th Nov

Woke about 6 and it was much clearer out. We got up at 7.30. We went up the Tor as there was a view- we had it all to ourselves! Then we went round the rest of the shops and had a look in the Tribunal museum. We met Linda at 11 and went round the Abbey with her, and all had lunch together in Rainbow's End. I had baked potato and salad. We wandered round the shops a bit more until the bus came. Our journey home was smooth"
Chalice Well gardens in 1990
The Chalice Well gardens, still with the original waterfall by the Vesica pond
The tor on a misty day, Nov 1990

The Mists of Avalon!
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