Sunday, 31 July 2011

My first ever visit to Glastonbury, Saturday 5th Nov 1988

My very first visit to Glastonbury was on Saturday November 5th 1988 with a friend I have now lost touch with, Linda. 
Here is my diary entry for that very first visit.

Linda met me at Taunton and we went to Glastonbury. It is a lovely town. We had
a look round the shops-  I got in Indian unicorn box, a little pewter unicorn
with a crystal ball and a unicorn card. We had lunch-  cheese scones and cake-
In "The Rainbow Cafe". After lunch we finished going round the shops and I got 
some more hand dyed wool like I got in York- one lot in shaded of green and the
other black with blue,  green and purple bits. We climbed the Tor which was
lovely, and found a tea shop.

I forgot to mention in my diary than we went to the Chalice Well Gardens too! I took a modest 12 photos with my Kodak Instamatic camera. Remember those? The film was in a cartridge, you used to have to buy separate flash cubes as they didn't have an inbuilt flash. It took little square photos!

Here  are some of them.

The first photo I ever took of the Tor!

I was only 28! 

Tor and sheep.

The path up the tor hadn't all been concreted then like it is now. Most of it was just a track worn in the earth.

Me on the Tor, I had no idea then that I would visit it so many times.

This is what the waterfall by the Vesica pond in the gardens was like in 1988, the freeform was fitted in the early 90's.

It was a misty autumn day and very atmospheric. As we drove away from Glastonbury I had to keep looking back at the tor until it disappeared from view. Right from that very first visit I was enchanted, but little did I know I would be drawn to go back again.. and again... and again...


  1. Those are wonderful photos!

  2. Oh Jackie... what a magical blog! I'm so glad you set this up :)

    And may I say, that while you were a beautiful elfin creature in your 20's, you are getting even lovlier as you get older!
    I will paint you...that image is still lingering in my head for the right moment to pop out :) xxxxx