Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Friday 12th April 2013, visit 78

The month prior to this day trip had been a very difficult one and I was signed off work for 3 weeks. Mum had a fall on 13th March, in Moreton in Marsh as we were out for the day with my friend Anne. She spent 4 weeks in Cheltenham hospital with a broken femur, and an shoulder broken so badly that she had to have a shoulder replacement. I don't drive but I found out how blessed I am to have so many lovely friends who offered me lifts to see her. She came back to Oxford on 10th April, to a care home for rehab. Then after two months there when it was evident that the fall, the shock and anaesthetic had caused the rapid onset of vascular dementia, there was a place for her in a lovely care home only a few minutes walk from home.

I needed a spiritual pick me up. I felt very emotional a lot of the day, as though mum was back in Oxford she had a long way to go and got very distressed. I mainly spent my time in the gardens, where as we had had a cold and late spring, the daffodils were still out. I love daffodils, they are such cheerful flowers. I was thankful that mum had made it out of hospital, I think I spent a bit if time in the Goddess temple in the afternoon. I went straight to see mum when I got home.

I am so glad I got to share Glastonbury with mum in 2010, when she was still able to get about.

Daffodils, my favourite flower :)

I love this Buddha in the Glastonbury experience

And this sculpture by Phillipa Bowers, which has I think been there for as long as I have been visiting.

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