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Tue 14th August 2012, visit 77

Goodness I didn't mean to neglect this blog for so long but things got in the way. In March 2013 mum had a fall, broke her left femur and smashed her left shoulder. She was in hospital for 4 weeks and 3 lots of anaesthetic, and the shock, pushed her over the edge into dementia. She was no longer able to look after herself so after two months rehab in a care home, there was a vancacy for her in a lovely dementia specialist care home very near me. So I can go and see her most days. She is nearly 89 and I never thought 2.5 years after the fall she would still be with us. The person mum was has been taken by the dementia but she still knows me, and as long as she is still with us I will go and see her.

So on Tue 14th August 2012 my friend Arwen and I went down to Glastonbury for the day. I had a heavy heart as my house had been broken into shortly before, I felt as if 2012 wanted to kick me in the teeth. We did have a lovely day though. We started at the Chalice Well and there were dragonflies everywhere, especially in the meadow. I feel a real connection with dragonflies so it was lovely to watch them flying about.

We went into town and had lunch in Heaphey's, I love to sit outside and people watch. Then we had a lovely long wander round the Abbey ruins. I love going to the nature reserve there and I hope the badgers are safe from being culled there. I love the two ponds as well, there were more dragonflies there too. We ended with cakes at the abbey cafe before heading home.

 With Arwen by the well

 New work by Phillipa Bowers in Star Child

With Arwen at the Abbey

All photos copyright Jackie Jae Fae

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