Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A magical sunset, and a magical sunrise. October 2007

My friend Ann and I had a weekend stay at the Chalice Well in October 2007, and we went up the Tor to watch the sun set. It was quite quite magical. Not as cold and windy as it can get up there, and there were a lot of people there and we were treated to a gorgeous sunset, golden skies and lovely light and the sun going down into the Bristol Channel. This was when I took my iconic photo of the tower on the Tor with the setting sun,  which was later published in the second edition of "Avalon Within" by Jhenah Telyndru.

I'll let the photos do the talking

And then the next morning I woke early enough to climb the Tor in time to see not the sunrise but the just risen sun. There weren't as many people up there. It was so peaceful and so magical, the start of a new Avalonian day.

This man and the person he was with had been up there some time (Maybe all night) as they had sleeping bags and flasks of hot drinks with them.

All photos copyright Jackie Jae Fae

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