Thursday, 10 September 2015

Wednesday 7th August 2013, visit 79!

My friend Arwen was staying for a few days. So we had an Avalon adventure. We had a taxi arrive at 6am, but I never mind an early start if it is to go to Glastonbury. We were down there by 10.

The first thing we did was visit the Chalice Well gardens which are always such an amazing riot of colour in summer. I wish I could plan my garden like that, but mine is a Glennie Kindred letting in the wild edges garden. I do love to have a lovely long wander in the gardens sitting in favourite spots. The two swing seats, by the well, in Arthur's Court, and by the apple tree which I call the faery tree. I cleansed some jewellery in well water.

Then we went up the Tor, I hadn't been up since May 2012. It is always windy up there, even on the calmest of days. But I love being up there, it feels like the roof of the world. I did have a mad moment listening to "Universally Speaking" by the Chili Peppers on my iPod and having a boogie which Arwen captured on film!

We went into town and had lunch at Heapheys and did a little bit of shopping. I recaptured the Avalon magic which I needed to do after rotten events in the last 12 months.

A Glastified Jackie

The next four were all taken by Arwen

Flat out on the way up the Tor!

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