Friday, 9 October 2015

Wednesday/Thursday 18/19 June 2014, visit 81

I went down for an overnight stay at the Chalice Well. These days, although I do still go for the aday sometimes, I prefer to have an overnight stay so I can totally immerse myself in the Avalonian landscape. I feel rushed if I try to cram everything into a day. I had a coffee on arrival and did some shopping. I got to the well about 3pm and checked in. I had Rowan room which was the only room I had never stayed in at Little St. Michaels.

The first thing I did was to have a really long wander round the gardens. My spiritual focus is definitely on the gardens and the Tor. I love having the time to just wander and sit in the gardens, just be, just listen to the birdsong and watch the birds, and the flora swaying in the breeze.

Then I went up the Tor and spent about two hours up there. I came down before sunset this time but I spent ages sitting in different places and there were rabbits everywhere. I wandered off the path to find somewhere to just sit and watch them. Everytime I am up there I feel "this is where I want to be".

When I got back I spent another hour wandering round the gardens meditating, watching the sun go down.

In the morning I woke about 8 and went straight out into the gardens where there was magical early morning light, and I had a lovely long wander. Then I made a drink and sat on one of the swing seats to drink it and have breakfast, before the gardens opened to the public.

Let the photos do the talking

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