Sunday, 31 July 2011

Well, hello, welcome to my Avalon musings.

I had been thinking about having a blog decidated to my love of Glastonbury for a while. And as I had this one here, unused, I decided.. I'll use this one. Plus you can customise Blogspot and make your blog pretty so guess what I have spent the last hour doing!

I am on various other sites, eg Livejournal, as jackiesjottings,  so some who stumble across this may know me from there. Jackiesjottings was taken as a username here though hence me choosing my magical name, bestowed upon me by my friend Monique, instead.

I have been following a few Blogspot blogs for a while now so I will add them all to my reading list here too. So if you find an add, it means I was already a reader.

I think the first thing I will do is gradually post all my many many visits to Glastonbury here in chronological order. Most of them are on my website but TBH I am thinking of discontinuing that. So I'll put them all here instead. That will take some time...... I use flick for my photos now (jackiesjottings there too) anyway so the web site hasn't been updated in 2 years.

So welcome to my blog about my love for mystical magical Glastonbury, The Isle of Avalon

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  1. Well I have enjoyed my visits, espeically the photos, which show places as they were long before we forst came here 8 years ago.
    I was particularly interested to see the park where I take the dogs, looking very different to how I know it.
    Like you, I felt the "pull" of the place, little knowing I would end up coming to live here.