Monday, 8 May 2017

Tuesday 14th/Wednesday 15th March 1027, visit 90!

Maybe I will stop counting when I get to my 100th visit.

I went down for an overnight stay at the Well, with a friend I had known for about 4 years. But it is well known that Glastonbury has a way of revealing truths to you, sometimes ones you would rather not face. For the second time it became apparent that I was in a friendship which wasn't right, but for different reasons. I am not going to say too much, it isn't fair on the other person. But I was given a few bits of critisism on the bus going down, we didn't spend much time together, and once we went our separate ways on Wednesday morning I felt as if a weight had been lifted.

It tended to be grey and overcast but I don't mind that. The Isle of Avalon is beautiful no matter what the weather. We had some lunch and got some food for later, and did a little bit of shopping, then checked in at Little St Michaels. Then we both had a couple of wanders round the gardens.. but on our own, not together. The daffodils were out, my favourite flower. I managed to take a fair few photos!

Then we walked up the Tor. We went along Wellhouse Lane to the path at the Stonedown end and discovered Avalon Orchard, a lovely spot with fabulous views, even on a murky misty evening. By the time we got to the top of the Tor it was raining and it felt wild and primordial somehow. There were a couple up there walking 4 gorgeous husky/malamute type dogs, which remind me of wolves so I love to see them. Afterwards we headed into town and had a bite to eat.

Next morning walks were taken round the gardens, but on our own. I had actually gone out into the gardens in the middle of the night feeling very hurt and betrayed, as the friend chose to not even stay in our room overnight. I sat by the waterfall and had a little cry. So I made the decision to suggest we go our separate ways, and we did. I went into town, had some breakfast, then did some more shopping before coming home. I also booked myself another stay, on my own, because I need it. People underestimate me, because I have a gentle nature they mistake that for weakness, but I did say how I felt and how upset I was in an email when I got back.

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