Thursday, 7 April 2016

Tuesday 1st/Wednesday 2nd March 2016 visit 86!

Off to Glastonbury once again for an overnight stay at Little St. Michaels at the Chalice Well. I had Willow room, the little single room at the front which is my favourite as you overlook the gardens and can hear the flow of the water.

It was really really wet going down, and still wet when I got there. The lovely people who run the "Young Again" clothes stall at the Tuesday market knew I was going and very kindly hung on till I arrived. I bought a gorgeous top from them in my favourite colour combination, turquoise and purple. Then I dived into a cafe for a coffee and while I was in there the rain eased off.

I did some shopping, lots of art cards as usual, a Wolf book and Linda Ravenscroft's lovely new colouring book which is printed on watercolour paper so you can paint it. A "Happy Glastonbury" print as I love their work, and a Glastonbur Unity Candle. Plus some charms for jewellery making and some semi precious stone beads in the bead shop.

Then it was off to check in at the well. I had a drink and a wander, then went over to the White Spring. I just love sitting in there, with the only light candles and the what light comes in through the doors, listening to the sound of the rushing water. Just thinking. I didn't climb the Tor this time due to the inclement weather. Instead after a herb tea back at the house I had a dusk wander round the gardens and sat by the Vesica pond until it got dark. Then after having some supper I had a night walk round the gardens. I spent a lot of time in meditation by the well, having a conversation with mum in my mind and telling her.. it is OK to let go mum, don't try and hang on just for me. I will be fine. She has very advanced dementia now and it is very hard to see her like that.

I had a shower and a hot drink before bed and did some reading.

In the morning I woke to sunshine. But it didn't last! By the time I got up there was a heavy shower. But I still spent as much time as I could in the gardens before check out time, and I watched the sun peep over the shoulder of the Tor as it rose which was magical. Just as I was leaving there was a hail shower and by the time I got into town it was pouring so I dived into another cafe for  coffee until the bus came. On the way home I met my friend Ann for lunch at a cafe just outside Temple Meads station.

I took a few photos....

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