Monday, 29 February 2016

Avalon Crafting

Glastonbury/Avalon seems to inspire the creative side of many people. It certainly does me. Early efforts included a Tor picture done in chain stitch and this early collage. This was done in about 1992.

For many years sewing was my main creative work. But I had an anxiety induced breakdown in 2004- that was a horrible year- but what came out of that was increased creativity. I began to paint and though I will never be a good artist, my work expresses my spirituality and the Tor creeps into many of my paintings. I also got inspired to make jewellery, to be more creative with my needlework and collage, to do a little bit of sculpture, and I love scrapbooking. Two Glastonbury scrapbooks have been done already and a third is on the way using art cards which I buy on my many visits.

So here are some of my Glastonbury crafts. I only make for myself or as presents as I tend to be very modest about my ability but am happy to take commissions. All ideas are mine, I never plagiarise any elses style so all images copyright Jackie Jae Fae

This Tor collage was displayed at work when we took part in art weeks

The Green Man and the Lady of Avalon. I made this last year

I am making a set of Lady of Avalon wheel of the year pictures to go above my altar.





I made this to take offerings of incense and things to Glastonbury and other sacred sites

I even made a Tor hair clip :)

The two Avalon/Glastonbury areas in my bedroom. I adore Philippa Bowers sculptures. The first one I bought was "Isis" in the shop of the same name which was open when I first started going to Glastonbury. Philippa had her own gallery for a while, the original Goddess and the Green Man shop.  Then she moved to Tintagel but Star Child carried on selling her work. Now she has her own gallery again where the Pilgrimage centre used to be. 

I'll do a second post for my jewellery and sculpture

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