Thursday, 12 November 2015

Saturday 3rd October 2015, visit 84!

This was a bit of a flying visit as I wanted to be home in time for Strictly Come Dancing.. yes I am a Strictly fan. But I had found out that the Wytches Market was on in the town hall so I decided to go down for that. My friend Ann who lives in Bristol came down with me, we met on the bus.

The market was fabulous. The Hare is my spirity animal after a close encounter with one at Stonehenge in 2008, and Glastonbury my spiritual home where the spirit of place is very strong. I had just had a lovely hare and Avalon custom box made by Wylde Embers, and had decided to set up a spirit of Hare and Avalon altar at home and I found some gorgeous things (pictures included) including an Altar triptych by Jan Fowler, and a Hare and Tor incence holder made from found wood (mine is Juniper) made by Glastonbury Mystical crafts. Also a lovely Lady of Avalon box. I have also been very attracted to Labradorite lately and I got a pendant. I do love buying hand made things and especially from the crafts people themselves.

Then we went and had a wander round the Abbey Ruins which were still a bit misty. The well there has now been properly opened up so you can visit it properly. My spiritual focus in Glastonbury is the Tor/Chalice Hill and the two springs, especially of course the Chalice Well and its lovely gardens. But I do feel the sense of spirituality at the Abbey too, it is so peaceful there despite its violent ending at the hands of henry VIII. We stopped and had a drink at the cafe. Then we had lunch in the lovely Abbey Tea Rooms. I was home in time for Strictly.

Photos... of course :)

My Spirit of Avalon and Hare altar

Jan Fowler altar piece and my spirit of hare and Avalon box from Wydle embers

Tor and Hare insence holder

Lady of Avalon box on the left and I keep some of my Star Child oils here too (and you can see me and camera in the mirror!)

Some of my hare things in the box

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