Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sat 15th August 2015, visit 83

My first visit of 2015, sometimes it goes like that because as Avalonians will know, sometimes it just doesn't feel right to voyage to Avalon. This was the last weekend of my fortnights holiday so I decided to just get up and go. Getting up at 5am when it is already light then in August isn't too difficult and I was so glad I made the effort as I had a lovely day.

My journey was nice and smooth so I arrived about 10am and went straight up to the well where I spent a couple of hours. I love to wander round and soak up the atmosphere, drink some of the water, sit in favourite places and in summer, watch the dragonflies flying around, I love dragonflies. The well, and the Tor are my spiritual focus, though I often don't climb the Tor. As long as I can see it I am happy.

Having not been to Glastonbury for 10 months I had an esoteric shopping list as usual and some new shops had opened. There is a fabulous little sewing and knitting shop, and two now which sell all sorts of bits and pieces, I bought several charms for jewellery making. Plus books and cards, I bought a fabulous Hare book which I had never seen before. I stopped for refreshment breaks a couple of times too. Plus it wasn't too warm, I hate really hot weather, I prefer it cool.

Let the photos speak as usual!

As usual all photos are mine, please ask permission before using. Also if you click on one to see it larger you will be able to scroll through them.

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