Friday, 6 January 2012

Avalon 366 project

I must hasten on with my visit write ups, I meant to do that over the festive season and somehow never did. But my spare room/computer room looks MUCH better than it did with lovely pictures on the wall, and the manky old carpet taken up. Wee peep here

Funny how there are a lot of pictures of *that* place in Somerset there. I moved all my spiritual and esoteric books there too, and made a little altar so it is now also my little spiritual sanctuary

I did a 365 project on flickr last year and this year I find myself looking for a photo to take each day! But I do have a new project for 2012, the Avalon 366 project. I used to post a photo of my hair (yes, bit vain about it!) on my livejournal every Thursday too, it was tHAIRsday. But this year in honour of my new project I have a  new theme

Welcome to TORSDAY/Avalon 5

The Avalon 366 project will be 366 of my photos of Glastonbury by the end of the year. They will be ones not posted to flickr before, some will be new and some will be old and some will be prettied up with Picnik. I am enjoying this challenge :) The set is here

Happy New Year±

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