Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Tuesday 6th Sept to Thursday 8th Sept 2016, visit 89!

Part 1, Tuesday 6th sept 2016.
This was only the second time I had gone down to Glastonbury for a 2 night stay. It is just about close enough to go for the day, and I often stay for one night. It was nice to have a longer stay. I was truly able to immerse myself in the magic of Avalon.

I arrived about 12.30 and had lunch in the Blue Note Cafe. Then I did a small amount of shopping, just a few cards and a small painting by Tiana. Then I made my way to the well where I was booked into Chalice Well Lodge. It was the first time I had stayed there and it was lovely. I had the double room at the back, and though the other room was booked, and the people checked in, they never used the room. So I had the whole cottage to myself for two nights. There is a path from the lodge to the gardens, which came out by the swing seat so there was still 24 hour access. I had a wander round the gardens on arrival.

Then I wandered over to the White Spring. I love the primordial watery energy in there. It is dark and cavernous and filled with the sound of running water. There are shrines to Herne and Bridie. I got mesmerised by the sound of the running water. I spent time at both shrines, and by another Goddess shrine on the other side. There were people bathing in the water, they were braver than me as I put my hand in and it was very cold! I loved being in that magical space.

Photos aren't allowed inside but I took a few outside, and through the grill

Then I went back to the gardens, collected my bag and stuff and climbed the Tor. It had turned very humid and for once it wasn't cold up there. As I got nearer to the summit, there were swallows everywhere, masses of them wheeling about the tower. It turned out there was a mass of flying ants swarming round the tower, so the swallows were having a feast! I spent a lot of time up there with the company of two tame Jackdaws for a while.

If you look closely, you can see the birds and ants in some of these photos

I had a couple of walks round the gardens too including one at dusk.

During the dusk walk I spent a bit of time meditating by the well. I had a very clear message that the crow is my spirit guide. Was that what the ones on the Tor had been trying to tell me? I had one sitting in the tree in my front garden just before this visit looking at me. They also love to throw moss at me, from my roof, when I am sitting in my back garden. I also saw my Avalon spirit guide. She seemed to be a mid 60's lady with long dark hair streaked with silver, and a lined and very wise face, dressed in dark blue. She told me that her name was... Raven!! Yes Corvids, I am listening to your messages :)

Then it was back to my lovely cosy room for an early night and sweet dreams.

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