Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sat 21st Jan 2012, visit 73

I have been away from here for too long. I had a bit of a mental block about blogging for a while after an unsettling happening on 1st August. I am getting over that though, and I also had two weeks holidays during which my lovely friend Arwen came to stay for a few days. We had lots of adventures including of course a day out in Glastonbury.

So we are almost up to date with my visit reports, after this one I have made four more visits this year and don't plan the next one till later in the year.

Sadly this visit was a bit of a waste of time for me really as all we did was shop. I met up with two now ex friends who had come over from Europe for the weekend. We travelled down together, and right from the start when they planned the trip I said "can we go to the well". There have been hardly any Glasto visits when I haven't been to the well. I love the shops in Glastonbury and help out the local economy there on my visits but my trips to Glastonbury are to recharge my spiritual batteries, and work things out for good or bad in the heightened way the spirit of place allows. But by the time we had had a late breakfast time was running short and they were determined to shop. So I didn't get my visit to the well.. I should have gone off on my own really- then when I got back they said they had spent a long time at the well on the Sunday, and had a fab time. So I felt this visit was a waste of time sadly. It might have been better not to go to be honest and with hindsight.

But here are a few photos

Avalon 17
Waiting for my breakfast

Avalon 25

Avalon 26

Avalon 27

Avalon 30

Avalon 32

Avalon 34

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