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2004 and 2005 visits

Oh dear, 2004 was a bit of a bad year

Sat 10th July 2004, visit 36

My friend Sara came to stay and we went down for the day.
"We went to Glastonbury for the day. We both woke early so we set off just after 8. We stopped at Leigh Delamare services for breakfast and got to G at about 11. We started off with a spot of shopping with lunch at Rainbow's End and a visit to a new Glastonbury musuem which was lovely- all about the myths and legends. In the afternoon we went to the Chalice Well gardens where there is a new channel leading from the Vesica pool and out of the gardens, it is lovely. We spent ages on the swing. Then we walked back into town and visited the Abbey, which was very busy as the Catholic pilgrimage was on. We had tea at the Abbey Tea Rooms. We also had a lovely mystical encounter with the owner of the Witchcraft shop. We left about 6 and got home at 8.30."
I took some photos but for some reason I never got round to having the film developed!
I bought cards as usual, a unicorn and faery ornament, and books, "Glastonbury Tor" by Nick Mann, Glastonbury tales, and Glastonbury in old photos.

Sarah and I had a lovely day, but I never got round to having the film developed so these photos are lost

A friend, Ann and I were supposed to have a stay at Little St. Michaels in December but disaster- I woke at 3am with an awful stomach bug so we had to cancel. We were able to re-arrange the booking for December 2005 though. I was very disappointed. (and very ill)

2004 was a watershed year for me in many ways. I suffered very badly from anxiety and had a mini breakdown in May, triggered by a house fire a few doors from me. But I think because an illness like that takes you deep into yourself, I came out of finding the real me again. I decided to grow my hair long again, which is how I love it best, the smart clothes started to be replaced my my colourful ethnic ones, and my spiritual side came back with a vengeance. Noticeably as well.. I started to go to Glastonbury several times a year.

2005 Glastonbury visits

This was the year when the call came back really strongly and once again I had to keep going back. By this time I had hit the 21st Century running and had a blog so from here on the entries are the ones from my blog.

Sat 15th Jan 2005, visit 37

"I went down to my beloved Glastonbury with Ann yesterday. I just LOVE it down there, I don't think I will ever get tired of going. I guess I do usually only go once or twice a year these days so not exactly overkill. Though I can see 4 or 5 visits being made this year.

Engineering work on the line between Didcot and Swindon meant I decided to go via Reading.... and when I got there I had just missed a train. I got a coffee but Reading (or any) station is not the most interesting place to spend an hour. But then train was then fast to Bath via the line through Newbury, Trowbridge and Bradford on Avon... really pretty.
We had lunch in Cafe Galatea where I had never eaten before (my usual haunt is the Rainbows End cafe), and had a wander round some of the many lovely shops. Glastonbury seems to bring out the creative side of people (me included) and there are always new artworks and things inspired by the mystical landscape. This time I bought a gorgeous hand made silk cushion with a picture of the Tor, moon, Vesica Pisces symbol etc on it in lovely blues and lilacs so it goes with my bedroom. There is also a wonderful unique and original new shop where you can create your own perfume. They do a consultation first to find out what your instincts are as far as scents are concerned, then they make you a perfume which reflects you. We didn't have time to have that done yesterday but a return visit will be made... possibly at Easter, specially. They also had the most fabulous hand made bracelets in there. They are like watch straps, with sparkly letters on them. Mine says MoonLight on a blue band, with a sparkly moon and Ann bought one which sats bemused. They really are lovely. The shop are thinking of getting a stock of the letters in so you can have your own made. If they do one with my name, one with Unicorn and one with Avalon are being saved up for! 

We visited the Chalice Well Gardens as well, there are a lot of tree ferns there now which are beautiful. In the shop there I spent some of my Christmas money on a unicorn tarot. I already have about 4 tarot decks (including a Glastonbury one which is the one I usually use) but I had to have a unicorn one!! My train journey home was smooth, I got in about 9 and slept for 10 blissful undisturbed hours. 
Jan 2005
Me in Heartfelt Trading. I had just decided to grow my hair again, it was shoulder length then and is very long!
Chalice Well, Jan 2005
The Lions Head at the Chalice Well.

Sat 19 Mar 2005, visit 38

"My journey to Avalon really was through the mists. It was misty all the way to Bristol and all the way to the edge of the Mendips on the bus. Then at Wells the sun had burnt through the cloud and it was glorious. There was a bit of mist on the final leg to Glastonbury, but by the time I got there the sun had come out as well.

I decided to have a wander round the Abbey ruins first and they looked beautiful in the spring sunshine. They are obviously having to do some remedial work though as one of the arches is scaffolded up. I sat in the sun by the fish pond, and noticed that there was a perfect reflection of the Tor in the water. So I took a photo, don’’t know if it will work or not.

I wasn’t in a shopping mood which is unusual for me!! I did have a wander round the shops and put in a special order for 2 bracelets with special lettering in S’Amuser (more anon). I was definately in an immersing myself in the magic of Glastonbury mood. So I had an early lunch in Rainbows End, my fave cafe where I had lunch on my very first trip to Glastonbury in November 1988 (I can’t believe it is that long ago now). 

Then it was to the Tor. It is several years now since I last went up there. On my last few visits I just didn’t have the energy and even 3 weeks ago I could hardly get up the stairs let alone the Tor! I took it very slowly, stopping often to get my breath back and soak up the views and the sun. But I did it!! A sure sign that my iron levels must be on the up. There were loads of people up there in summer clothes, having picnics, or just sitting and meditating, or reading. It was as if everyone had come out of winter hibernation. I spent about 20 minutes sat in the shade, then about 20 minutes sat in the sun during which time my poor abused nose got burnt!! I really had a "this is where I want to be" feeling, I hope I can call that feeling back when I am not there.

Then I went to Chalice Well and spent about an hour wandering about the gardens, sitting in various places for about 10 minutes at a time, thinking and just listening to the sounds of nature. For some reason I had a tremendous uplifting feeling when I was sat by the actual well looking at the lid cover. There were several other people obviously doing the same as me as I kept coming across them sitting here and there. I also met a very fae lady! It was her first visit and she showed me the map and asked where the wellhead was. I showed her and then noticed that she had fabulous faery earrings on. I commented on them and she said her nickname is Faery. Definately a lady of the fae folk.

Then it was back into town and our bracelets had been made! Ann wanted one with a pink band, with italia on it in the sparkly letters and I wanted one with avalon on it. And they made them for us!! They are beautiful. Mine is on a beige band and has a little cherry charm on it as well, they said the closest they had to apples. The one with moonlight on it which I bought in January gets worn a lot! They are eventually going to make custom ones all the time, when they do I think I might get one with my name.

I also went to the Goddess temple where I meditated for a while and lit a candle for my mum.

I went back to Rainbows End for a drink then had time for a little wander round the shops before getting the bus. Thats when I bought my faery shoes! they are purple with lovely mystical looking faeries on the front and I love them! They make picture boots and shoes in Glastonbury and they are wonderful, they really last well. I’ve still got two pairs of boots which I bought in about 92/93, one pair with the Tor and the other with dolphins and they have been worn a lot and are still going strong.

I did make one other purchase, a book of angel and faery designs in the Abbey Shop which I thought would give me some more inspiration.

Then it was back home to Poppy (my cat) and a long sleep.

It was just the perfect day. I felt such a sense of peace being in the place I love best and on such a perfect spring day as well."

I was found to be very severely anaemic just after Christmas so it was a real triumph that I was able to get up the Tor!

These were my last photos with a film camera, I moved into digital photography in April 2005.

Glastonbury, March 2005
The tor from the abbey
Glastonbury, March 2005
Tor reflected in the Abbey fish pond.

Glastonbury, March 2005
Patrick's chapel and the Holy Thorn

Glastonbury, March 2005
You can see the moon by the tower
Glastonbury, March 2005
Me on the Tor
Glastonbury, March 2005
The Chalice Well

Tue 26th Jul 2005, visit 39

Ann and I went to workshops at the Goddess Conference. Mine was Celebrate your Gorgeous Goddess Self. The write ups on my blog are very long, but I had a wonderful day, got covered in glitter and Ann and I met up at the Abbey Tea Rooms for afternoon tea after we had finished our workshops.

Banners at the Goddess temple.

Painting in the room we were in.

Covered in glitter afterwards.

Sat 13th Aug 2005, visit 40

"I was so lucky with the weather in the end. I expected it to be wet all day down in Glastonbury. Instead it was just about sunnyish when I first got there. So I had the all important coffee, then decided to climb the Tor first in the hope that I would get up there before it rained. And I did. It was actually a very clear day, almost the clearest I have seen it up there. The Quantock Hills, Bristol Channel, Steep Holm island and the coast of Wales (just) were all visible. As was the approaching rain. But it stayed dry all the time I was up there. I sent a text to my friend Kerri while I was up there and said that at that moment there was no where else I would rather be.

Then I visited the always beautiful gardens and it started to rain while I was there. But I still had a lovely wander round- not for as long as if it had been dry but I visited all my fave little nooks and crannies and had a swing on both swing seats, drank some of the water. Then was the rain was getting harder I headed back into town.

I had lunch in Rainbows End, delicious cauliflower cheese crumble with a salad. Then I had a wander round the shops. I bought 3 books, a Celtic hair decoration on a pony tail band, and with my birthday money a gorgeous black decorated chalice and matching little treasure chest. I spent a little while in the Goddess Temple and had afternoon coffee and cake. Then as I had done all I planned, and it was still raining and there was a Bristol bus due, I set off home at 4pm.

It was a lovely day, I don't think I could ever get tired of the Tor and gardens and wandering about down there."

Close up of one of the carvings on St. Michaels tower

Windswept on the Tor

In the gardens

The spirally panels in the gardens.

Sat 8th Oct 2005, visit 41

I met my friend Janine, her mum and her dog Dexter in Glastonbury.
"I have had the most lovely day :) It started early and I only got in at 8.15 but Glastonbury is worth it, I really don't think I will ever get tired of going there.

I met up with Janine, and her mum and Dexter Dogge down there. Dexter is absolutely gorgeous!! Lively and full of fun and so many people stopped to pat him and talk to him. We started the day with a drink, then as rain was forecast we went up the Tor. It was blowy up there and as it was cloudy you couldn't see far, but it was all lovely and misty and autumny. Then we had a pub lunch and did some shopping.  I bought some pixie ears :))   They are fab :))  I also stocked up on faery dust and bought a book about how to draw faeries. We got faery dusted and told to be naughty, and Dexter got faery dusted and told to be good :)

Janine bought me a witches broom- a proper hand made besom. When I got on the bus the man behind me said "You don't need a bus". The best way to walk through Bristol Temple Meads station with a besom is to look nonchalant as if it is the most natural thing in the world. I didn't get any comments on that train, but I did when I changed trains at Didcot. A man on the train asked why I wasn't flying, then we had a very interesting conversation about different religions and Glastonbury. I got some very odd looks from teenagers on their way for the Big Night Out at Oxford station. When I got on the bus to the city centre, I said to the driver, "City centre please, my brooms not working". When I got on the bus home the driver said "You could fly"."

Autumn colours

Candles outside Star Child.

Me with my broom!

Sat 5th Nov 2005, visit 42

I love visiting Glastonbury in November as the first time I ever went was in November.
I never did write up a proper report on my blog but here is what I did write.

"I had a lovely day in Glastonbury. The forecast said it would rain all day so I went prepared, and had one shower. Then it started to rain when I was on the bus. I have come home bearing lots of lovely things which will wbe wrapped in pretty paper, given to friends with instructions not to be opened until 25th Dec. I've been thinking lovely Glastonbury thoughts all day, about what it means to me and why I like it, and remembering what it was like 17 years ago.

All was well coming home until late into the journey. Bus on time, in fact I got one half an hour earlier than intended as I had so much shopping I didn't feel like carrying it about any more. So I got a train an hour earlier than planned. Train got to not that far outside Swindon and we ground to a halt. The driver needed to investigate a funny smell. There had been a diesely sort of smell but that isn't exactly unusual on diesel trains I find. But the driver felt it was. So him and the train manager went and investigated, and there was a brake smoking at the back of the front engine. It hadn't quite caught on fire, but almost. Anyway they managed to isolate it and we were able to carry on. But just off the end of the platform at Swindon we stopped again. One of the trackside alarms had detected an overheating problem... funny that when we had a faulty brake! So we had to wait there another 10 minutes while that was sorted out. In the end I was relieved really that they did investigate the problem so thoroughly so that we all got home safely. I was also entertained all the way home by fireworks. I don't mind them going off on 5th Nov- thats the right night for them... its when they keep going off three weeks before and no doubt 3 weeks after it gets a bit tedious.
I thought I had a photo from the Chalice well with a mysterious line of white light in it. It wasn't :(( It turned out to be reflection on the brick behind the fountain. Oh well, never mind, I thought I had my fortune made there by marketing it as a postcard!"

Of course 2 years later I really did take a photo at the Chalice Well with a shaft of light!

I went to lovely St. Margaret's chapel first, then climbed the Tor. Then visited the gardens of course. I bought art books by Amy Brown and Josephine Wall, and also a faery mirror.

St. Maragret's Chapel.

This is in the gardens

Phillipa Bowers sculpture at the back of Rainbow's End.

Sat/Sun 17/18 Dec 2005, visit 43 Ann and I had our postponed from 2004 stay at Little St. Michaels. We had Oak Room, which is now the one we usually try and get. Sat 17th Dec "Ann and I had a lovely time in Glastonbury. The only slight delay was to my journey due to a lorry hitting a rail bridge at Keynsham. When we finally got on the move and were allowed over the bridge all necks on the train were craned as we all tried to see what might have happened! So we got a bus half an hour later than planned. So when we got down there we went straight to Little St Michaels and checked in. I love that place so very very much. It is only available to Companions of the Chalice well, but it really is worth being a companion as it helps towards the upkeep of the gardens, and you can stay at Little St Michaels. It is serene and peaceful there. We had Oak room which is at the back looking towards Chalice Hill, and all decorated in restful pale green. Ann fell in love with the house on first sight. We had lunch in Rainbows End, and had a wander round the shops, then had tea at the Abbey Tea Rooms. Then we went to the Abbey and had a magical dusk wander as the sun set over Wearyall Hill. I took a lot of photos there including some of relections in the pond. Then we went to AS'Amuser, the shop where you can have your own perfume made. So we did. We were given mulled wine and mince pie while we did it. You start with a questionairre, then based on your answers to that you are given batches of scents to smell, and you have to mark which you like best. They then make you a blend based on that, you apply some, leave it a few minutes and keep smelling it as it blends with your skin, then if you like it they make it up for you. I thought it would be really expensive but it wasn't. The size of bottle we both chose was only £23.00. They give you a little scroll with your oil details and you can re-order any time as they keep your details on a database. They are mac users in there too which always wins extra brownie point with EMU Jackie! We had a fish and chip supper at Knights Fish restaurant in the evening. Then we wrapped ourselves up warmly and had a moonlit walk in the gardens. The order of Bards, Ovates and Druids had a ceremony there and that was magical too as we could hear their drumming. We got very cold but it was a beautiful moonlit night. We had coffee to thaw out when we got back, and we had both taken lots of edible goodies to share :)) I don't think I will ever tire of the magic and beauty of those gardens. They inspire me in some way everytime I visit."
Sun 18 Dec

"Ann and I had a lovely leisurely sunday morning in Glastonbury. It started with coffee and lemon muffin. Then we had a walk round the gardens, they were all frosty and as beautiful as they always are. Ann wanted to see a robin.. and one obliged and came and sat near us when we were sat by the well. We sat in the lounge for a while, then found the shop had opened. So I spent my Christmas money from my mum but as I am not allowed to have what I bought until sunday the items are secret until then! Then we went into town and Ann bought a dress she had her eye on, and I bought a lovely woodland/rustic faery night light holder. She is now on my solstice table.

We ended the stay by having coffee in Heaphy's cafe. While we were sat chatting in there, everyone suddenly stood up and went to the door... and there had been an accident! A woman had lost control of her car in the market place and ended up in the window of a shop. I think she must have been going slowly as she only nudged the shop front and broke the glass in one place. Apparently though she hit a women in the process. There were people everywhere, the injured lady was taken into the sweet shop and lots of people were comforting the lady in the car as she was understandably very upset. The police, ambulance and fire brigade arrived within a few minutes and by the time we got the bus it was all cleared. It shakes you up though. these things happen so suddenly.

In a spooky coincidence, I am reading a novel set in Glastonbury called "The Chalice" at the moment and when I was reading that on the train I got to a part where there was a car accident... in almost the same place except the car hit the market cross in the novel. I went cold when I read that."

Abbey sunset

Star Child's wonderful door.

Night time in the gardems

Frosty tor view


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